FORBES: How To Sell Out Arenas 50 Years From Now, According To Bob Seger

“…This weekend I went to see Bob Seger perform at The Forum in Los Angeles… The 18,000-seat venue was filled to the rafters…”

“…How many artists experiencing their first hits today will still be able to sell out an arena in 2065? Following the example set by Seger would certainly increase Sam Smith and Iggy Azalea’s odds…”

Here are seven things any current artist could learn from Bob Seger about career longevity:

Deliver: “There was not a moment at the Forum where it felt like Seger was resting on his laurels, even when performing signature songs like “Night Moves” that he has played thousands of times by now. More importantly, he still sounded great, sustaining high notes if not with ease, with a still strong ability. He has said that he will let his voice determine how long he remains on the road. If the Forum show was any indication, he’s not going away any time soon.”

– Melinda Newman, Forbes Magazine

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