“It is simply one of the best albums of the year. Night Moves offers rock & roll in the classic mold: bold, aggressive and grandiloquent.”

— Rolling Stone, 1976

LOS ANGELES, CA —   Capitol Records recording artist Bob Seger’s classic album, Night Moves, makes its debut on 180-gram vinyl on June 16, 2015.  Seger’s breakthrough album, powerful and personal, is the newest vinyl reissue addition to the GRAMMY® Award-winning rocker’s extraordinary catalogue.



Originally released in 1976, Night Moves was Bob Seger’s first studio album with the Silver Bullet Band. Much of the album was recorded in Muscle Shoals, Alabama with the incomparable Muscle Shoals Rhythm Section. The album went on to garner overwhelming critical praise, as well as, the hit singles “Night Moves,” “Mainstreet,” and “Rock and Roll Never Forgets.”




“The word is that rock singer Bob Seger has arrived. Arrived? For chrissakes, the man has been playing professionally for half his life already since his first gigs as a sixteen year old in 1960.  If anything, he’s been a local legend in his hometown of Detroit and most of the Midwest for almost a decade, amazingly having three of the four biggest selling albums in the history of the Detroit market, ‘Live Bullet’ is the biggest selling album of all time there, ‘Night Moves, Seger’s new album has shot to number two and ‘Beautiful Loser’, his 1974 album, is number four.  What’s number three? ‘Abbey Road’.  Bob Seger hasn’t arrived. The rest of the country is just waking up.”

                                                                   Steve Weitzman, Circus, May 26, 1977


“Look for a naked Elton John sometime in the near future. Elton claimed he would hire Wembley Stadium outside London and would dance naked on the stage if Bob Seger’s Toronto-produced single, Night Moves, made it to the top of the charts in Britain. Although the single has yet to show anywhere close to the Top 10 in Canada, according to Capitol Records it’s firmly entrenched in the top five in Britain.  Firm up there, Elton, your time is nigh”

                                                                   Toronto Globe & Mail, April 9, 1977


“As recently as last summer, it seemed that Bob Seger would never rate more than a footnote in the history of rock ‘n’ roll.  Though he had been on the scene for more than a decade in his home base, Detroit, Seger wasn’t even mentioned in “The Rolling Stone Illustrated History of Rock ‘n’ Roll.”  “The British Encyclopedia of Rock,” published earlier this year, didn’t do much better:  It described him as “one of the great lost figures of rock ‘n’ roll’” and added that he “has always seemed destined to miss out on the big time.”  Well it turns out that Seger has the last laugh.  As a result of “Night Moves”, he has suddenly become one of the hottest attractions in pop music.  Virtually every song on “Night Moves” has a hunger, toughness and drive that is almost palpable, and in the lyrics Seger has written for the powerful surging melodies can be found a continuing fascination with the underdog, the loser and the oppressed.” 

                                                                   Larry Rohter, The Washington Post, August 7, 1977


“In one of the year’s most enjoyable collections, Seger shows humor, point of view and an occasional evocativeness that give his work far more dimension than most high-energy rockers”

                                                                   Los Angeles Times, January 23, 1977


“Rock has a long enough history by now to have nurtured its own legends of outsize talents in the provinces who somehow couldn’t make their names national and expensive.  Bob Seger, for instance, rock king of Detroit, hit the road ceaselessly for 12 years, but hardly anyone outside Michigan remembered his name.  That was a shame.”

                                                                   Nat Hentoff, Cosmopolitan, March, 1977


“At an age when most rock artists hit their creative peak and start fading, Bob Seger is just now coming into his own.  Seger may have been the last of the regional rock stars…In short, this looks like Seger’s year – and “Night Moves,” a success critically as well as commercially, is one of the few albums in recent memory with both intelligent lyrics and visceral music.”

                                                                   John Morthland, Newsday, April 3, 1977


“This album is knock down drag out exciting.  So exciting that our Art & Photo director had to be peeled off the [expletive] ceiling after one listening.” 

                                                                   Air-Wreck Genheimer, Creem Magazine


“Seger, reached in Buffalo Wednesday, talked about how his recent success hasn’t changed things much.  “It’s kinda nice,” said the gravel voice over the phone. “I actually got mobbed last night by some people after the show.  First time that’s happened outside of Detroit.” He continues underplaying his success:  “There’s only so much you can put in a suitcase,” he says, “It’s unusual not having to worry about next year’s bills…there’s a little more adulation now and a lot more press.”  Does he now plan to move from Detroit to a more glamorous climate? “No way. It’s home.”  Adds Punch Andrews, Seger’s personal manager, friend and confidante, “It’s taken me 12 years to put carpeting in the office here,” he laughs.  And there is another change.  Seger and his band no longer drive to their one-night stands in beat-up campers that carried them in the lean days on the long and winding road.  “But they fly coach, not first-class,” Punch says.  “Maybe it’s a throwback to harder times but I can’t see where getting there four feet sooner makes all that much difference.”   (Note: With Punch’s watchful eye on the books, that carpeting is still there today!)

                                                                   Bill Gray, The Detroit News, March 11, 1977


Seger is a multi-talented artist, songwriter, producer, and bandleader inducted to both the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and the Songwriters Hall of Fame. Seger has sold more than 52 million albums and has earned 13 platinum and 7 multi-platinum RIAA Certified sales awards, including such landmark albums as Night Moves, Stranger In Town, Against The Wind, Live Bullet and Nine Tonight, all of which have sold in excess of 5 million units.


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